America's Barns are Worth Saving

Help Build the Barn Believers Fund

Ways to Help Barn Believers

Gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, or personal property can be made to the Battle Creek Community Foundation, designated to the Barn Believers Community Project Fund. Details are available through the Foundation to assist donors.

Visit to donate online.

Help Save Barns

Barn Believers Community Project Fund has created an informational card to help get the word out that barns are worth saving. If your group or company would like the opportunity to share the card shown on the sides with members, shoppers, or clients, please contact:

Battle Creek Community Foundation
32 W. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1
Battle Creek Michigan, 49017
(269) 962-2181

Saving Traditional Barns

This beautiful barn near Battle Creek will be destroyed to make way for more commercial development.  Several steps, initiated a few years ago, involving communication, awareness and care, could have made an extraordinary difference.

The property where this beautiful barn stands, is now directly across from box stores and new hotels. Since these photos were taken in 2017, the barn has continued to be neglected, exposing its timber frame to the elements. Contact Jan Corey Arnett at (269) 832-4893 if interested in dismantling and saving the barn.