Timber-frame barn owned by Michigan State University. Contact Brook Wilke: Barn available to relocate. 269-671-2509.

Dismantled and relocated timber-frame barn. Saved!

Rare 1853 stone barn. Failing.

"Cut it up for firewood," an insurance agent told the owner of this magnificent Upper Peninsula log barn.

The exquisite brick round barn once stood in Menominee County on a stock farm where there were also several other outbuildings including at least two large timber-frame barns. Nothing remains of the farm today.

Contrast that with the Thumb Octagon Barn in Gagetown, nearly destroyed, but rescued by a group of determined people who formed Friends of the Thumb Octagon Barn. Today, it is a thriving center of activity and agricultural history.

Threats to barns:

  • misassumptions that a barn is too expensive to maintain, is a liability, or cannot be adapted
  • neglect which is destroying potential making repair costs rise
  • a lack of awareness that barns can be relocated or repaired at a tax savings
  • insurance, zoning, development, and real estate people who do not understand heritage barns
  • houses and barns split from land, limiting options for buyers
  • the destruction of historical documents and photos due to a lack of awareness of their value
  • a need for museums, research centers, historical societies to preserve barn/farm collections
  • a shortage of people qualified to evaluate, repair, and adapt barns
  • development without creative thinking to incorporate heritage buildings into planning
  • a critical need for cooperation and proactivity with the barn preservation community

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Barn Aid Series

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Successful Farming Magazine

These booklets were first published as part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s BARN AGAIN! program (in collaboration with Successful Farming magazine) in the 1990s. Reproduced here in digital format with permission for free personal download, monetary calculations are no longer accurate , however the basics remain valuable. Other excellent barn repair reference materials available for download include Ohio State University Extension “Fact Sheets” on rehabilitation, economic incentives, and hiring a contractor. (www.ohioline.osu.edu)