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Julie Hamilton
Julie Hamilton

When I was a little girl, we lived in a development that was building up around an old barn. I loved that barn. I felt sorry for it. No one seemed to care about it, it had peeling paint, weeds grown around it. But it was beautiful just the same. Then one day I came home from school and it was gone. The next week, retirement apartments were there. Oh, how I missed that old barn.

Fast forward to adulthood. I was a new real estate agent. One of my first listings was a century (centennial) farm. The land was being sold off, and the widow was going to a retirement home. She asked me to please make sure I would find someone to love the homestead and especially the barn. But every potential buyer said they would burn down the barn. I was devastated. I finally found an older couple who seemed to love the barn and bought the property. A year later the barn was gone.

I have been photographing barns since then. I sell my work to show people how beautiful barns are. In 2019 I started the website Barn Addict. It is multi-faceted. First and foremost, it is a community. Second, it is a place where I tell the stories of barns to show how valuable they are to integrate into today’s society. I have featured barns as drive-in theaters, art galleries, wineries, Air B’n B’s, organic farms, event centers and more. Barn Addict’s real estate section connects barn sellers and buyers and is having a direct impact on saving barns! Barn Addict’s gift shop is growing, raising funds to save barns.

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Maine 21 Acres with Beautiful BARN, Timber, Farm Land & River Front

Beautiful Maine Barn with 21 +/- acres of River front, Timber and Farm land


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